QuickBooks Point of Sale

Add a New Department

  1. Select New Department from the Inventory menu.

Or, if your department list is already displayed, select New Department from the window toolbar.

A blank department form is opened.

  1. Enter a Department name (required).

  2. Enter any additional information in the optional department fields.

  3. Select Save or Save & New (if immediately adding another record).

Dept Code          Optional: Enter a 1-3 character code for use in listing a department on an item record and printing on price tags.

Dept Name         Required: Enter a descriptive name for the department to assist in easy identification. This name helps you identify the department on reports and in lists. Read about planning your departments.


Enter a default margin percentage for use with a pricing formula. If you do not wish Point of Sale to calculate prices for new items as they are added to inventory, leave this field and the Markup% field at 0. Default = 0%.


Markup percentage is an alternate way to display your desired profit margin, by marking up from item cost. Entering either a margin or a markup will display an automatic calculation in the other field. Default = 0%.

My markup value sometimes changes right after I enter it. Why?

[Tax Code]

Suggested as the default department tax code specified in company preferences. Select another tax code from the drop-down list, as needed. When a new item is added to inventory with this department code, the tax code specified here is suggested for the item.

Pricing details and disclaimers

*Buy One Get One Free software plus 2 free Ingenico PIN Pads (value $700) offer is valid for new QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale 18.0 customers who sign up and are approved for a new Point of Sale Payments account by calling Intuit at (877) 282-0782.  QuickBooks Point of Sale Payments account is sold separately.  Application approval, fees and additional terms and conditions apply.  Details are available at https://quickbooks.intuit.com/point-of-sale/payments/.  Term, conditions, pricing, features, service and support are subject to change without notice.  Call for current specials and pricing.

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